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 Parsons Close Stables is owned by Patricia Brown who is one of Jo’s owners, it is a lovely yard and has facilities that Jo has dreamed of over the years.


There are 22 airy boxes in an american barn with rear windows so that there is constant air flow througth the stables, all the stables have poured rubber flooring and the walkways outside have a non slip surface, which is brilliant to avoid injuries and capped hocks etc.  We have a lovely tack room, washing area and feed room, there is a big area upstairs in the barn that will be the owners room once we have gotten organised.


There is a big outdoor arena for cantering when we cannot get to the all weather and doing flat work which Jo thinks is very important for balance and strength, poles, blocks, hurdles for jumping practice, a set of starting stalls and a six horse covered walker.

There are 4 turn out paddocks for the horses to get out as often as possible and we also are able to turn the horses away for a good break at a couple of great places through the summer close by.


We use Paul Cole's gallops, the main one is a mile and one woodchip all weather, which climbs most of the way, it really gets them fit.  We also have 3 grass gallops to choose from and another 4 furlong poly track at Mr Cole's yard.


Jo lives on site and is always on hand to make sure the horses are looked after.


Now we are based here, Jo feels that she can approach more owners to send their horses to us to train, the yard sells itself and is so well built, it can only enhance the success of the horses. 


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