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So the last week has been mental with Christmas on the way, trying to get everything organised for horses, child, staff time off and generally staying alive! Greg, Ella and I went to Olympia on Satruday with some very good friends and their children, it was a lovely day and the kids were amazing. However I have decided that I can't cope with crowds, realising this on Saturday I had the bright idea to go on the London Eye Sunday morning and then off to Harrods with Ella to show her the windows...

Yes I know Harrods on the last Sunday before Christmas, silly silly Jo. I lasted a whole hour, which I thought was good going, before begging Greg to get me out of there, whilst sobbing and feeling the need to sit in a dark corner alone for a very long time. However me being away ment that Chrissy wanted to ride out, she hadn't galloped a TB since 1990...I let her ride Mr F out hacking and she loved it, so much so that she did another lot after, looks like she's riding out Boxing day too.

The horses are flying again and most of this week has been spent in various stages of terror - usually me but Hannah has had a few near death experiences too. Heroes or Ghosts has decieded that he is feeling so well he is ready to canter again, he told us this by cantering off up the road with Han and trying to kick my horse on the way past, my horse - Starfoot announced his well being by spotting the green recycling monsters at 100 paces and proceeded to try to spin, leap, run backwards and generally do anything he could to not walk past them. Gallic Destiny told me how well he felt by spending the first 2 furlongs of the gallop trying to put his head inbetween his knees and rodeo, when he realised that wasn't allowed he proceeded to show me how fast he could gallop and how in strong he was feeling.

Mr Fitzroy is behaving like something from a Loreal advert and is tossing his head followed by a full body shimmy, everyother stride and Captain flash showed Han how well he felt whilst working with Mr F this morning by leaping and pulling her arms out. I almost prefered them when they were slightly under the weather...

Spanish Danser had her first introduction to hurdles yesterday and was a star, she and my 4 year old galloped first on the grass up the back of the hill. To be fair the wind was so bad that I was having trouble staying upright just watching and the Babs was on the side the wind was coming from so she got very tired but Spanish Danser was great. She then jumped the baby hurdles and the allweather hurdles on her own with no lead (whilst Babs had a go at killing Han - another near death experience) and proved to be bold and brave. Below are some pics of her with James Banks doing the very good steering.

So we now have a weekend lad called Nathan and he is desparate to be a jockey, he works very hard and is learning all the time, however he learnt to ride at a riding school and they seem to have been content to allow him to potter around on a horse like a monkey on a stick - hunched over, balancing on his hands and pivoting on his knees, no balance and no safety in his seat. So poor old Nathan has had a few weeks of bollockings, scares and a couple of falls off the pony. Yes Timmy is teaching Nathan how to ride, with the help of Han and myself, we have told Nathan that if he can cope with naughty ponies then racehorses will be a doddle. Here are a few pics of them working hard, please excuse Wibble's photo bomb, he loves to be in on the action...

Finally I would like to say Merry Christmas and a very happy new year to everyone, thanks for reading this rambling and hopefully this year will be a great one for everyone!

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