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Time Flies

Its Thursday morning at 7 oclock and I already been out in the yard, feeding, mucking out and getting the day's jobs written down for the girls. The sun is shining and everything is greening up yet still cold, a reminder that the winter is still hanging on, reluctant to make way for the spring. However the one thing that is not happening is its not raining!

Hence we took Mr F to Kelso to run on Monday, big mistake on my part and a massive learning curve. Mr F is the kindest, sweetest, most laid back horse to have around, he has his playful moments but nothing is a problem for him. So I would have imagined that he had the perfect temperament to travel a long journey, stay in a strange stable and run in a race the following day, however he is an internal worrier and didn't eat as much hay or feed as he needed to and came home and pretty much slept for a day. I cocked up instructions and he ran up with a ridiculously fast pace, making several uncharacteristic mistakes and lost his confidence. All in all a write off of a race. However he's back safe and sound and that's all I ever worry about, there's always another day. Ella gave him some much needed fuss on Tuesday.

Ella and Mr F

Starfoot ran a blinder again on Saturday and finished second again (I don't want to count how many we have had finish second in the last year...), he's in good form at the moment and is having a small rest now for a week or so.

Impy (By the Fireside) ran in his first bumper last week and again ran a really nice race, he's only small (about 15.1hh) and had an awful journey round the track, he got bumped barged, stood on and generally didn't have a nice introduction. He came back with his boots round his fetlocks where horses had trodden on the sides of them, consequently he has had some swelling and soreness to be dealt with. However everything is settling down and he will be aimed at hurdles now.

Still William is supposed to be running today in a bumper at Taunton, I love this horse and he has taken ages to come to hand, I stupidly ran him on hideous ground in December and its taken this long to get his brain back. The rest of his family have wanted good or faster ground so I will take him down there and have a walk of the track, if its safe he will take his chance. He's the outsider and that takes the pressure off, he can only improve on what he did first time but to be fair he does lack a few brain cells so I have a feeling it may take time for the penny to drop!

Earlier in the week we took Marmont and Free One to Lambourn to school, both were amazing and finally will be running in the next month.

Yesterday I went to the Breeze up sale at Ascot and bought John Marriott a lovely filly for him to have in training in France, she is by Mayson and is not over big but breezed straight and stuck her ears back and neck out with a proper attitude. She is really nicely put together and will grow in time. Isn't it ironic that an owner can have horses in France and if they win and they are qualified for the French premiums, they can pay for themselves and their training fees, the premiums are worth half again of the prize money and sometimes more. British racing should take note...

As much as I love buying horses for people, I would love even more to be buying some nice big national hunt types for myself! One day I will have that chance, until then we will continue to make the best of what is sent to us and be proud that we treat our owners properly, no matter what their horse's ability.

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