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Claude Almighty

Claude is one of Jo's favourite horses, though his behaviour often causes her to wonder why.


Claude has had a go at hurdling and at steeplechasing, but a combination of dodgy feet and less than courageous attitude to jumping fences has resulted in Jo deciding Claude would be better off considering a new career.


He is off to a new home in Scotland, where he can enjoy his post-racing life being pampered.





Happy Claude.jpg

The message his new owner, Vick sent us was


When dreams become a reality...

Feels totally cliche saying that, but honestly, it's true!

I have worked with horses for years but never owned my own horse, and today, my handsome boy arrived (in glorious Scottish weather!) and the little girl in me was exploding with joy... My heart filled and boomed with love and excitement as I walked him off the truck! The smile on my face says it all!

I greatly appreciate all the help I have received in making this happen from Jo Davis Racing  who are entrusting me with  their Almighty steed after the amazing work they have have done with him to have him safe and sound in coming out of racing.

So, that sounds like a happy ending!

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