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Our home, Common Farm, used to belong to John Manners, who was one of racing's colourful characters.  John did very well here and we are delighted to have the chance to train in such beautiful surroundings
The farm is now owned by Patricia Brown, who has invested heavily in undertaking a significant upgrade to the facilities whilst ensuring that the character of the original buildings remained in place.
The result of Patricia's work is a fantastic training establishment with 400 acres of beautiful pasture and riding, encompassing outstanding facilities that enable Jo to devote her time to getting the best out of the horses she has in her care.
Let's look at those facilities as we see a horse's 'journey' from arriving at the stable to running at the track.
When the horses 'check in' at the stable they have the choice of one of our 27 bright and airy boxes, either in our airy barn or lovely courtyard boxes. 
As soon as we can, we get them outside in our spacious paddocks, where they can play hide and seek in the mist (although one or two prefer to practise walking on two legs)
When they are settled in, it's time to start a little work in the indoor lunge area. Sometimes they are nice and calm about it - and sometimes you just have to let them show their excitement!
Once they have begun to learn as we want them to, we  have a purpose-built  60 x 30 ménage for them to carry on their learning.

lunge 1.jpg
Excited Pluto.jpg

From here they will progress to our 2.5 furlong deep round gallop.





And finally on the straight 6 furlong gallop.

Most of the horses in the yard are jumpers and we have excellent facilities for teaching


them how to get off the ground. They all have to learn in their own way, but its great


when they get there.

When they know how to jump, we have schooling hurdles and fences for them to


practise on and lots of informal jumps out in the countryside, where the horses just


think they are having fun.

And when all the work is done, it is time to say goodbye to your mates and wander


back home for a washdown and a drink. Then its a warm down on the walker and a bit


of a rest.

...And last thing at night all our horses have a dedicated young lady to come and tuck them in for the night.


All of which explains why sometimes our happy horses jump the last in the lead and


run on to win their race. 


round gallop.jpg
gallops 1.jpg
assisted jumping.jpg
jolene winning.jpg
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