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Gregg Whitehead was the first employee that Jo took on 17 years ago, he is now one of Jo's best friends and is now back for a while working with Jo full time.  Gregg has been a foreman to a big trainer in Aus, run a big pre training yard and has worked for some great trainers in England.  He is an outstanding rider and Jo is so relieved to have his help, it makes her life so much easier, his attention to detail is brilliant, which means nothing gets missed and Jo can relax when she's away from the yard.


Nikki Worthington has been with Jo since October 2017 and has become a very valued member of the team.  Nikki has had her own horses all of her life but has always worked with children until starting for Jo and we are delighted she did! Nikki is in charge of keeping the yard up together whilst we are all riding, Nikki also loves to go racing and is turning out to be a very lucky leader uper - with Star and Marmont winning for her so far! 

Tristan is Jo's new apprentice and is Nikki's son, he is 16 years old and eventually wnats to be a farrier, so Jo and the guys are teaching him what they can.

So far T has been reliable and he loves the horses, takes his time with them and is kind, which is all we can ask for.  Long may it continue.

t with hoover.jpg

Jamie Goddard of Goddard Farrier Services now shoes Jo's horses and does a great job, he is based at Wickstead Horseplay which is just down the road from the Farm.  Jamie also does some Lambourn trainers, his facebook page is here

Anton Major has been treating Jo's horses for the past 15 years, he is a brilliant chiropractor and Jo finds his feedback and input invaluable. Anton has helped Jo to get horses back to that track that others have written off.  He is highly recommended. For Anton's website click here

Polly Hutson has been doing Physio on Jo and her horses for the past couple of years and she is invaluble to the soundness of the horses.  Jo finds that Polly working with Anton helps to keep the horses straight and soft, which makes life much easier when they are racing, their recovery is so much better too.

There is special and then there is Jack

Woodlands Equine Services are the vets that Jo uses, the main vet that treats the horses is Trevor Sainty.  Trevor is a brilliant vet and has a wealth of experience to call on, he is also a surgeon and can do operations at his clinic when needed.  Trevor's partner Peter Thurlow is also a great help to Jo and the yard.


The website for the clinic is here



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