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Kendall Dickinson is Jo's Assistant Trainer .


She joined the yard in April  2022 schooling and working all our horses alongside Jo.

Kenny's riding skills were demonstrated earlier this year when she won her first Point race on It's For Alan.  She is now desperate to ride her first race an amateur under rules this season.

Kenny also events Still William, who belongs to Patricia Brown, our yard owner.



Nikki Worthington is Jo's Head Person


She has been with us since October 2017 and has become an irreplaceable member of the team, keeping the yard working efficiently whilst Jo and Kenny are riding out.


In her early career Nikki worked with children but having had horses all of her life, she decided to follow her passion  and work with them. We are delighted she did!


Nikki also loves to go racing and can often be seen leading up our runners.



Jason Taylor is our 'man who does'.


He came to our yard in the winter of 2022, never ever having touched a horse. However, as a keeper of chickens, bees and pigs we knew he was' the right sort'!


In his time with us he has done a super job. He works really hard keeping the yard looking ship-shape and has developed a calm confidence around the horses.  


Syd open day_edited.jpg

 Our Superb Support Team


Jamie Goddard of Goddard Farrier Services now shoes Jo's horses and does a great job. He is based at Wickstead Horseplay and you can find him on Facebook here.

Anton Major has been treating Jo's horses for the past 15 years and is a brilliant chiropractor, having helped  Jo get horses that others have written off back to the track.   For Anton's website click here.

Polly Hutson has been doing Physio on Jo and her horses for the past couple of years and she is invaluable to the soundness of the horses.  Working with Anton, Polly helps keep the horses straight and soft, which makes life much easier when they are racing,  and improves their recovery time.

There is special and then there is Jack the malinas.._edited.jpg

Peter Thurlow is a fantastic vet,  with enormous experience and expertise. Despite Jo's keenness to tell Peter that he is wrong, Peter will invariably get to the bottom of what is ailing a horse.

The yard could not manage without him.

Peter is a partner at Valley Equine services.



'Small One'  is Jo and Greg's amazing daughter, Ella.

She is developing into a really talented rider, despite the fact that (or maybe because?) her pony, Bobby can be very naughty.

Jo, Ella and Bobby head off to shows most weekends and Ella is beginning to build a name for herself on the local circuit.

Ella is a great help around the yard and also rides out some of the racehorses when her studies allow.

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