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Down But Not Out...

I would love to be writing this and telling you all how wonderful life is, and whilst it really is, life here continues to test my sanity/patience/will to keep training. Tim Thompson Jones said to me a few weeks ago "Jo you seem to constantly encounter things that are so rare and unheard of, how do you keep picking yourself up and continuing?" After this week I'm not entirely sure... Tuppence Coloured (Or Meg as she was known to us) was one of Patricia Brown's horses - and I say was because we lost her this week - she had been bred by Patricia's husband Philip and Patricia bought her from him when he gave up. Meg was a tricky, sharp filly with very wonky legs but a big engine, she had many

Trying times...

This week has been hard work and a little challenging. Things have not gone completely to plan but in the grand scheme of life they are actually not that bad. We ran Ken's Well on Monday and it was his first run in a year, after being ill for at least 8 months of it, possibly more due to the environment as much as anything. He had been schooling and working very well at home and I went to Stratford confident of a good run. Unfortunately he mad a howler of a mistake 2 out and that was his race over. In hindsight it was the wrong course for him, fences too small and the track was too fast, he works so well at home it gave me false confidence that he could cope with the speed of Stratford. I

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