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School holidays and Gin

This week has been the first week of half term and I feel like a shell shocked casualty of war already... How can one child who is beautifully behaved, have so much energy and stamina? I have always prided myself on being tough and able to cope with pretty much anything but I find myself counting the hours until I can have a gin without guilt (Saturday night, or possibly Friday this week!). Bucket, the new pony has been amazing and we are trying to do different things with him every day, to grow Ella's confidence and ability. However that is only a small part of the day and being short staffed for a week and Greg working such long hours, I am very conscious of not wanting to palm her off o

Busy Summer

So its been a while since I managed to get myself to sit down and write something, we have been rather quiet but busy with staff holidays and time off, trying to paint the barn - which is looking to be a bit like the Fourth Road Bridge at the mo (a year to paint and then we have to start again!). The past month has been trying to say the least, having lost a lovely mare, Dark Music who seemed to never be able to heal from the various niggles she picked up - we all adored her and as a small stable her loss has left a hole. There have also been various other annoying small issues that I won't bore you with. However on the plus side we are now racing again and things are getting busier, Starfo

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