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Had better weeks!

The last week hasn't gone to plan, John Biscuit ran a very poor race at Huntingdon when I thought he should have won, he seemed fine after the race and barely had a blow so I put it down to him not being able to dominate and throwing his toys out of the pram, however when we trotted him up yesterday he was sore in front, unfortunately the vet thinks he needs an xray so that is being done tonight. I feel bad calling him un-genuine, in hindsight there had to be something to stop him so quickly. We ran Captain Flash yesterday and he ran ok, finished 5th but he did pant for a while after the race which lead me to believe that his airways are not as clear as they should be. He jumped a bit like

Another month goes by.

The last few weeks have been busy (where is time going so fast??!!) and I never seem to get time to sit and write - or i'm just lazy... However we ran John Biscuit last week in a boy's race at Wincanton and I really thought that he would win, the young lad we had up on him Harry Teal gave him a great ride and learnt a lot from it. JB finished 5th beaten 4 lengths from the winner, which gave us hope that he will win soon, I may run him back on the flat now he is enjoying his racing again. John Biscuit before his race Starfoot ran on Saturday in a competitive handicap at Warwick, whilst I was sitting in the lorry before the race the heavens opened - it was like a monsoon and the ground change

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