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Thank you

Well the last week has been somewhat overwhelming, never did I think that my last blog would generate such interest, I've now been on telly for pete's sake! I think my mum may be a little bit proud of me... I am so amazed at the response that it generated and so proud with the feedback from both staff and small trainers, in both cases thanking me for speaking out for them, thank you to everyone who took the time to get in touch. I had lovely emails from a number of trainers, thanking me for showing them that they were not alone and for pointing out the challenges faced by small trainers up and down the country. Please do understand that first and foremost I am a trainer who rides well and

My View On The Staffing Crisis

Hello and Happy New Year to you all, sorry I have been so remiss at keep you up to date, I was very ill over Xmas and New Year, stupidly went out new year and then was ill for longer, this week I finally feel human again! The horses are all in top order, we run Ken today if the ground is ok and i know he was not healthy last time, this time I hope we are finally there with him, it has taken nearly a year and a half for him to cope with coming over here, the virus knocked him sideways and he could not build up an immunity. Here's hoping that has changed, we will only know when he runs and doesn't bleed. Our staffing situation has been rather frustrating over the last few weeks for a few reas

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