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Go Mr Fitzroy!

Well I am still coming down from a brilliant day yesterday, Mr F is such a superstar - I always knew he was capable of running a big race like yesterday but we have had to get over numerous little niggles with him. To have a winner is a joy but to have one on channel 4 was amazing, I am equally amazed at the amount of kind messages, emails and facebook messages that we have received. I know that we have been struggling to get a winner but we have been hitting the goal posts a fair bit before Christmas, it was only a matter of time that it all fell into place, yesterday has given us all a well needed confidence boost and a bit more incentive to get out of bed on the cold wet mornings at 5.30

Another year over

So I am finally finding the time to catch up with writing this after a lovely Christmas with my little family. We started Christmas on the 23rd of December by going go karting with Greg and his lads, it was great fun and there was a lot of competition - especially from Hannah and myself against the lads - we held our own! No surprise that Greg won, I reckon we should have made him drive blindfolded, mind you he would have probably found a way to still win. We spent Christmas at my mum's in Shropshire and she spoilt us rotten, giving me time to relax and unwind which was amazing. However when we got back I came down with the same cold/chest infection that Greg and Ella had both had, which ma

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