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Had better weeks!

The last week hasn't gone to plan, John Biscuit ran a very poor race at Huntingdon when I thought he should have won, he seemed fine after the race and barely had a blow so I put it down to him not being able to dominate and throwing his toys out of the pram, however when we trotted him up yesterday he was sore in front, unfortunately the vet thinks he needs an xray so that is being done tonight. I feel bad calling him un-genuine, in hindsight there had to be something to stop him so quickly.

We ran Captain Flash yesterday and he ran ok, finished 5th but he did pant for a while after the race which lead me to believe that his airways are not as clear as they should be. He jumped a bit like an un-confident baby but that is always when there are horses around him, it will come with time, he is genuine and just needs to feel like king kong.

I had started to question the health of the horses and we do have an awful lot of Oil Seed Rape round here, I personally think that they should not be allowed to grow it so close to the village, its making all of us ill with the vile smell and pollen, goodness knows what it is doing to the horses.

When the horses were running well consistently (even without winning) I knew that there would be a time where they went off the boil, its Yin and Yang, what goes up must come down. However its never easy when it happens but it is becoming easier to be philosophical and accepting of things when they don't go to plan. That old saying "Give me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference" is really very relevant to training horses...

So I have decided to change the situation with the pollen and rape - I have bought a horse nebuliser and WILLY was the first horse to have his Eucalyptus vapour this morning...Im not entirely sure he approved:

Willy being nebulised.

Who knows how much good it will do but its a great bit of kit and I think there are numerous situations that it will be of use. Willy runs on Saturday in a novice at Huntingdon, he is better than ever and we are hoping that he has a lovely safe round and enjoys himself, whatever he does it will be an achievement to get him back to the track.

Marmont continues to impress and improve, I love this horse and he is really showing that he has some ability, his stride has lengthened and he is now reaching when he gallops, rather than going up and down, he is completely settled and loves his job!

Marmont galloping

We still have a couple of shares in him so please do share or pass this on.

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