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A Busy Open Day

We were skiing last week with friends and had a wonderful time, we went to Serre Chevalier again, more specifically Monetier Les Bain and it never fails to deliver. The sun shone everyday and we were so warm, there were days we skied with no jackets on, the snow was brilliant up the top and even though it got slushy in the afternoons we managed to ski until 4pm some days. The only low point for me was getting Salmonella, probably on the Friday but it only made its presence known first thing on the Saturday before flying back. joy.

To say that this week has been trying is probably an understatement, there was a trip to A&E on Monday and a drip of fluids needed, followed by me discharging myself and spending the rest of this week eating next to nothing and drinking a ridiculous amount of rehydration salts...vile stuff. However I am back to feeling human again, still weak but hoping to try and get back on a horse tomorrow if I can eat enough today.

However lovely it was going skiing, I feel bad for missing the annual Good Friday Open Day. Every year we have some lovely visitors and I do enjoy seeing them and meeting new people. Mind you I have to say a massive thank you to all of my staff for their work and effort in getting the yard spotless and for going the extra mile and even making cupcakes and giving people tea and coffee. I was so overwhelmed at their effort and pride in the yard, I felt really emotional and grateful, these guys are a brilliant team and I want to thank them again for their work. Also thank you Garry (who doesn't even work for me) for doing the mowing and helping Ashleigh to power wash the barn, very kind. Here are some pics of the lovely cakes etc.

So on Monday when I was discussing with the doctors about being allowed to come home as opposed to staying in, Kataarhini was on her way to Chepstow with Lee (supersub lorry driver, thank you!) and Ash. I was hopeful of a big run from her and Ian Popham was up on her. She jumped beautifully and travelled brilliantly until she decided to make her first ever mistake both on the track and at home, when she came out of Ian's hands and took off too early at the second open ditch and gave Ian no chance to stay on. However she didn't fall and continued to jump round on her own beautifully and looked like she enjoyed every minuet of it. She has come back with a few bumps but we are hoping that it all settles down quickly so we can go again soon.

I am finally looking for races for a few of the others, Marmont, Free one etc, Pr is cantering everyday, Star is fresh as paint and Flash is back in work. So all in all we are really busy still, looking forwards to a few summer jumpers and a couple to run on the flat.

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