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Back to normal

So the last week has been mental with Christmas on the way, trying to get everything organised for horses, child, staff time off and generally staying alive! Greg, Ella and I went to Olympia on Satruday with some very good friends and their children, it was a lovely day and the kids were amazing. However I have decided that I can't cope with crowds, realising this on Saturday I had the bright idea to go on the London Eye Sunday morning and then off to Harrods with Ella to show her the windows... Yes I know Harrods on the last Sunday before Christmas, silly silly Jo. I lasted a whole hour, which I thought was good going, before begging Greg to get me out of there, whilst sobbing and feelin

Quiet Week

So after Mr Fitzroy ran last week we took some blood from him and it showed that a couple of his readings weren't quite right, then a couple of the others cantered a bit thick in their wind so I decided to take a pull for a few weeks and let whatever is going through them to run its course. It would be very easy to keep going, running the horses and then being disappointed if they ran flat, it can also ruin a horse's wind if they work hard with a low grade infection. If you saw the way they were behaving you would be hard pressed to realise that anything was wrong, however I haven't been in 3 sick yards and had the mother of all viruses in the past to not learn about illness!! I won't both

A Trying Week

So this week has been a particularly testing one, we have had two runners and niether ran like they were supposed to. Mr Fitzroy got bumped and stumbled after a hurdle, he pulled a shoe off and looks like he got kicked by either himself or another horse on his hind leg, his blood was also wrong the following day, poor Mr F. The it was off to Ludlow with JB for a spin over fences, I have lost count of the number of fences he has jumped at home without a mistake, however after a few novicey mistakes he looked to be getting the hang of life and then overjumped and his backend propelled him forward on landing, he did everything he could to stay on his feet and James so nearly stayed on. Howeve

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