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Another year over

So I am finally finding the time to catch up with writing this after a lovely Christmas with my little family. We started Christmas on the 23rd of December by going go karting with Greg and his lads, it was great fun and there was a lot of competition - especially from Hannah and myself against the lads - we held our own! No surprise that Greg won, I reckon we should have made him drive blindfolded, mind you he would have probably found a way to still win.

We spent Christmas at my mum's in Shropshire and she spoilt us rotten, giving me time to relax and unwind which was amazing. However when we got back I came down with the same cold/chest infection that Greg and Ella had both had, which made me worse than useless. I don't think I can remember being that ill in a long time, but I decided that I was fine to go with Captain Flash to Uttoxeter - bad move. I spent New years day feeling even worse and I didn't even have a hangover to blame!

Still flash ran ok, got stuck in the ground when it came to the business end of the race, he pulled a front shoe off but came back fine. I think we will be waiting for better ground before we run him again, He is a chaser in the making and to be quite honest he still has a lot of growing to do.

We ran Doctor of Music on Saturday on the flat at Southwell for Hannah to have a spin, he does have very delicate legs but the past 4 months they have been brilliant and he has been working better than ever as a lead horse. I thought they would both have fun and he could continue to do his job as a lead after, however somehow he managed to injure his good tendon. I am so gutted because that's him finished as a racehorse, however he has only run once since he won the point to point for me so it was only a matter of time. It will be lovely for him to have a nice retirement and another job hacking around with someone.

Mr Fitzroy is possibly running on Saturday in probably too good a race, however if James claims his 3 then we are right at the weights, if the top horse doesn't run then even better! I am struggling to find somewhere to go with him over the right trip in the right handicap range, ridiculous but that's a problem a lot of trainers are having at the mo.

All the horses are bouncing and we are waiting for the ground to dry up a bit for most of them, however we shall have a few runners over the next month, but the one thing I am looking forwards to is skiing!! Happy New Year to everyone!!


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