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Busy Summer

So its been a while since I managed to get myself to sit down and write something, we have been rather quiet but busy with staff holidays and time off, trying to paint the barn - which is looking to be a bit like the Fourth Road Bridge at the mo (a year to paint and then we have to start again!).

The past month has been trying to say the least, having lost a lovely mare, Dark Music who seemed to never be able to heal from the various niggles she picked up - we all adored her and as a small stable her loss has left a hole. There have also been various other annoying small issues that I won't bore you with.

However on the plus side we are now racing again and things are getting busier, Starfoot ran at Market Rasen on Saturday and although the race was a bit high in class for him, he ran a really nice race and better still came back sound! I think he will come on a lot mentally and physically, he is certainly delighted with himself and is eating like the proverbial horse!

Starfoot looking handsome before his race.

Marmont made his debut on Sunday at Newton Abbott, I haven't run him on the flat yet because he has been so good in training with his attitude and schooling, I didnt want to buzz him up. For a juvenile that hadn't ever seen a racecourse apart from a gallop at Newbury, he was amazing. Very green but jumped very nicely and behaved like a pro, in fact he was asleep in the stables before the race and slept all the way home from the races. I wouldn't run him on ground that fast again though, he will be a lot of fun for the winter - there are still some shares available so do get in touch if you are interested!

Looking very relaxed

Having a snooze before

Bill the lovely overbury gelding is back in full work after having a growth spurt again, he is now owned by Patricia Brown and I am delighted that she has a sound (touching wood!) genuine and fun horse, I am a bit gutted to sell him but so happy for Patricia, he really will be a nice prospect.

Finally we are saying goodbye to Liddy at the end of the month, having tried racing for a few months she has decided that she wants to go back to Eventing. We are sad to see her go because she has shown to be one of the most hardworking, reliable and honest staff that I have employed. I wish that there were more people out there with her attitude and decency, for someone who is only 19, it gives me hope that the next generation do have some good ones! In fact there are a some older people who could learn a thing or two from her.

Liddy riding the Oasis Dream 2 year old

So we are looking for another full time member of staff, they must be reliable, either for the yard or to ride - we can work around the person we get, as long as they are right for us. Hardworking with a kind attitude to the horses, the hours are 6-12 and 3.30 until 5, five and a half days a week, with every hour of overtime paid. Chance to go racing and I would prefer someone who can drive a horsebox (3.5t), there is some accommodation locally or possibly here for the right person. The wages are to suit age and experience but basic (before any overtime and after tax) is somewhere in the region of take home £300/ week. I am happy to teach and will gladly take someone on who has experience with eventers or showjumping, can ride horses on the flat and has a secure seat.

Please share or pass this on to anyone who may be interested, 07879811535, 01488649977, Many thanks.

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