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Well I have wanted to do something about my website for a long time now, especially due to the fact hackers and strange people trying to sell various counterfit products, seemed intent on targeting my old site. Apparently JoDavisRacing is a beacon shining in www land that guides the freaks to my door, I feel like criminal number one when I keep getting emails from the hosting company to tell me that my website is so sick it may be terminal.

So, having asked a few people to help me I realised that actually the only person who could do the website was moi, by the time I had done the content then all it needed was someone to put it together, well pardon me but if I couldn't work it out, then quite frankly I should be ashamed!!

So I started a crash (I do use the term in more ways than one..) course in web desiging and lo I found something out, I loved it! I have to admit that I seemed to have developed some ocd tendancies, there is always something that I need to change or make better, so over the next few weeks I may find things I want to change and improve. However please do not mistake my enthusiaum for someone who is actually good at something, I am what you would call a keen amature and the real web designers out there that see this creation of mine, will shake their heads condasendingly and say "well god loves a trier".

Anyway to the horses, all are in one piece (well nearly) and Mr Fitzroy runs tomorrow at Lingfield over hurdles, I really think he will run well but he was unlucky last time when he slipped up and you never know what else can happen, the hard work is done and its now up to the horse and James...

Well I had better get back to being a mother - my poorly little girl has had the most hideous sickness bug for a couple of days now, it breaks my heart not to be able to make her better, its the first time she has been properly sick, a bit of a shock for her. Thanks for reading and I hope you like the site.

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