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Back in one piece!

I seem to have hit the ground running from the moment I got back from skiing - luckily I am in one piece! Skiing was brilliant, we were so lucky with the weather, the sun shone everyday and the snow was amazing. Not a bad view...

The horses are all in great form and I think we may be getting some better ground soon, its amazing to think that two weeks ago it was freezing and today is like a spring day - global warming?

Just before we went away we took John Biscuit schooling, it was the first time since his fall at Ludlow and he jumped superbly, Marc Goldstein schooled him and got a great tune out of him.

We will be looking to run him soon.

I think next week we will be having a few runners, one of which is my own filly that we bred, she is half sister to 3 winners and seems to be very nice, I hope she has a good experience and maybe she will have the brain that some of her siblings haven't had! I have called her Be Here Now - the past is done and the future is yet to happen so live in the present - Be here now!

About 3 weeks ago our little staffie Peppa ran under Greg's van and injured her radial nerve, the vets don't hold out much hope for her to keep the leg but we have been doing lots of physio, treatments with the bio mag, laser and massage. She has also started swimming at Vale Hydrotherapy the other side of Wantage with Emma and yesterday she actually started to move the shoulder. Nerve damage is strange and if the nerve is partially ruptured or bent it can take time for it to come back - up to 6 months, so we are in for the long haul, I was hoping to get a video of her swimming, however technology continues to elude me - here's a picture instead!

We are still looking for an experienced full time person to come here as my assistant, I would like someone who can ride eventers or showjumpers as well as riding work on racehorses, its very important to me that the horses are balanced and polite, it also helps to avoid injuries. If you think you may know of someone then please do give them my contact details.

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