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The ups and downs

Well the last week has been very disappointing, it shows how tough racing is and what a leveller it is - the horses had been running consistently well and we had gotten used running with a certain amount of confidence.

However last Thursday we ran 3 at Huntingdon and had a rubbish day. Gallic Destiny ran in the handicap hurdle and whilst I had reservations about the ground I thought we ought to try him, he didn't manage to run with his head in front from the start and was never really happy, as he hit the ground each stride you could see that it was an effort to bounce off of it. A horse hit the hurdle in front of him 3 out and took his eye off the take-off, causing him to hit it and caused a nasty cut on his coronet band, which I didn't give enough credit to that day. The next morning he was very lame on it, although it was small it was very deep and painful, poor Gallic.

Heroes or Ghosts ran in the novice handicap chase, it was his first run for 240 odd days and since the last run he has had two fractures and a chip removed from his stifle. This was his first run over regulation fences and he had schooled outstandingly, the first circuit he jumped very nicely but the second circuit he made about 5 mistakes in a row, knocking the wind out of him and although he stayed on really well to look like he may get placed, he emptied between the last two and only finished 5th. We were disappointed because we do think he is a very nice horse, however as someone pointed out to me yesterday, I am probably being a bit hard on myself and the horse, he did run a good race and will only improve on it. He did come back very sore and the chiropractor Anton, spent a lot of time loosening and stretching him off.

The final runner Thursday was my mare Be Here Now, she has worked very nicely at home but we knew that her wind is not great, so we had worked her in the tongue tie and noseband fairly often, however she has always shown that she's not a fan...To put it mildly! So consequently she never faced either and her palate displaced, causing her to choke, it’s a shame but I have decided that she will be better suited to a life as an eventer or riding horse, so she is up for rehoming to a good home.

So having gotten over the disappointment of Thursday we went off to Plumpton with Spanish Danser on Monday. Dotty had come to us as lame and unsaleable, uraceable and very sorry for herself, we had finally got her sound, working well and schooling like a lovely horse, the only expectation we had was to get her round and home in one piece. I knew that she had bled with her previous trainer but we had hoped that by sorting out her niggles and pain she may be ok. Dotty pulled a front shoe off, cut her back leg quite deeply and bled from both nostrils, very disappointing but we always knew the chances were slim with her. Luckily she is sound enough to rehome now and has done some lovely flat work, jumping and is a thoroughly nice person, someone will have a lot of fun with her.

I am still interviewing for Hannah's job and have met some lovely people, however I am not in a great rush, I have made mistakes before taking on people that weren't suitable and I do not want to do that again! I am looking to rehome 4 of the horses here so if any of you know of good people who are willing to give a long term home to one of them please do get in touch.

Onwards and upwards, can't have good times without the trying times and every experience brings and oppertunity to learn something new! To lighten up this seemingly miserable post here are some pictures of Captain Flash schooling over fences for the first time, Spanish Danser berfore her race looking amazing and Pairie Ranger with some soap suds on his nose...Well why not?!

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