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Trials and tribulations

So the last few weeks have been a bit testing for us, Mr Fitzroy ran at Newbury and the ground had gone to good to soft (which was ironic seeing as though the next day most of the country went to heavy!) and that is too quick for him over 2 miles, however he ran a nice race and finished ok. Although l haven't been entirely happy with him since he ran, its not something that I could articulate but I know that he is just not quite right, mind you the way he has been behaving you would think he's bursting out of his skin! So having done lots of tests and not found anything specific, he shall be having a rest now until the ground comes back in the autumn.

Heroes or Ghosts went to Chepstow on Saturday and it took him 3 and a half hours to do an hour and a half journey, not ideal for a horse like him. I had doubts about the ground having seen how much rain we had had over night where I was staying in Somerset, however the course only changed its going one point so I did think that it would be ok. No, it really wasn't ok, poor old "Floyd" pulled off both front shoes - probably at the first fence and jumped like he was in a puissance, undoubtedly because he didn't want to land on his sore feet. He has also flared up an old injury so more time is needed to let it settle down before we proceed again, the joys of having big horses that have done too much too young...

We have Flash entered a few times in the next week and John Biscuit is ready to run again, just waiting on the ground for him. Willy Brennan is feeling fabulous, possibly a little too fabulous for Sinead's liking - he loves to show her just how strong he is now but it is a joy to watch him and he looks so well.

The rest of the gang are coming along nicely and the one that I am over the moon with is the new Overbury 4 year old Bill, he is one of the nicest youngsters I have bought and is showing a great attitude at the moment with a very good brain, long may it continue! He will do another few weeks work and then go out in the paddock for a rest before coming back into work to run in the autumn.

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