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Fun times

Well its Monday morning and I am sitting in my office looking out at the peeing rain, we have ridden two lots out and literally gotten soaked to the skin, if any of you lovely desk jockeys out there tell me how lucky we are to work outside when the sun comes out, I may have a small turn. So far we have been soaked most days since last week and it is mid summer's day today, ha what a joke!

So having dried myself off and put on some dry clothes, I figure why not catch up on the website and blog? Its been a while, I lack motivation when we are so quiet.

We have been quiet for a few weeks now, some are having holidays and some are recovering from small setbacks, however we now have 7 cantering again. Gallic Destiny is back in full work and has grown a lot for his time off, Starfoot is aiming to be back on the course by early July and a few of the others are at various stages of canter work. Bill the Overbury is really impressing me with his ability, he has only been cantering but he is so balanced and natural I am having to constantly stop myself from doing too much too soon with him, he has also grown a huge amount. Marmont continues to impress me with every step we take forwards, last week he went schooling for the first time and he ended up having to lead wibble over the big hurdles, not bad for a 3 year old. Jerry then came in to ride him in his second piece of work on Saturday and he really impressed us all, its still early days and I am ever the realist, but I really like the horse. He will go to Newbury for a racecourse canter on Friday and then we may plan a race on the flat for him before he goes over hurdles.

Marmont first day  schooling

Marmont first time over big hurdles

Last Saturday was Garstonbury, the village music festival put on by Freddie Tulloch who owns the Queens Arms Pub, it was a fantastic day and pretty much everyone from our village came to enjoy music and booze, always a good combination I feel... Greg and I had a rare night out together with some good friends and Sinead and Liddy very kindly babysat in the evening, Ella came with us during the day and exhaused herself on the numerous bouncy castles that were there. I have to admit to having a slight headache the next day...

I then went to Royal Ascot with my girlies on the Tuesday, we had a lovely day and I met some fantastic people, Debs outdone herself again with the food and luckily the weather stayed good, with only one shower. I have to say that two outings in one week pretty much finished me, back to going to bed at 9, much better for me!

Well its still raining, so I may have to find some more office things to do...

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