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Busy weeks

Finally Ella went back to school last week and life has returned to some normality - I get to sit down for half an hour at lunch time now, without hearing "mummy, mummy, mummy, mummy..." Which is nice.

One of my girls has been off sick pretty much from Friday the 2nd, having only been able to work 3 days in the week so it has meant that we have had to become far more organised and efficient to cope with the work and we have. Anne Marie has been amazing, tacking up for me when Annabel has been in to muck out, and putting my horses on the walker ready for me to keep getting on and off throughout the morning. Its amazing how much we have actually managed to do in a day without killing ourselves, I have even managed to get the paddocks topped, some painting done and work in the office whilst riding 5/6 a day. The A-team in the picture are Annabel on the left who has been so helpful, working far more hours than she could give me and Ann-Marie who has done a brilliant, selfless job.

My A team of Annabel and Ann Marie

Mel who works for Pat Murphy is riding 2 a day for me and Kylie, a friend of mine has been in for one most days this week. Jerry has also been in twice a week to help, which has been fantastic. I have loved it, the horses are going so well and we have had such a laugh - we are so lucky to be able to ride out with such amazing countryside and for once the weather has been lovely, apart from Saturday, Saturday was bad. I went through 3 pairs of waterproofs (all now in the bin!) and bought myself a new, expensive and all singing pair, they had better be good, but saying that it really wasn't a hardship to ride out in the rain - that will change when it gets cold!!!

So we now have 8 cantering everyday again with a few more to come back into work later on, Prairie ranger has done so well at the vets, he will be back into full work by Christmas and the Oasis Dream filly is just being left to grow, coming from a family that have all been huge, there was no chance I wanted to ruin her by doing too much too young. I have taken over riding Bill the Overbury since SInead has been off and he is going really well, he is a lovely horse, and is now owned by Patricia Brown.

BIll the Overbury

We are still waiting on the ground to run Marmite, I know it will come soon and then we will be praying for it to stop raining! Its a bit frustrating that there are so few Juvenile hurdles to choose from.

There are also a few more horses coming in from new owners over the next couple of months. So all in all things are great and I am really enjoying life, lots to look forwards to and be grateful for. I am advertising at the mo for another full time person and for some part time help, so if you know of anyone please do send them my way!

Here are a few pictures of the lovely scenery from this week, how lucky are we???

Mr F, hes back!

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