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An Emotional Week

I have been so busy that again I have neglected to update what is happening with us in the yard and this week has been especially tough, starting with the death of my father on Saturday afternoon. I have found it hard to tell people because no one knows what to say and I am actually a private person, so this is the easiest way to let people know and hope that they understand that even if I seem to be outwardly coping, there are so many emotions I am feeling that I may need some time to process things and/or just a friendly pat on the back.

Anyway the week hasn't improved with a very disappointing run from Touchy Subject yesterday, it completely blew us away with how badly he ran. He lost a front shoe and we scoped him afterwards and he had 4/5 mucus in his airway and some blood. So today Trevor came and scoped and track washed him, we are waiting for the results of the cultures tomorrow. It would be safe to say that as he is suffering then there will be a few others in the same condition, unfortunately there were absolutely no signs with him and in fact we thought he was one of the nicest horses we have. Just shows you can never tell what is going on inside, outwardly he looked fantastic as you can see from the picture.

Touchy subject Newbury

On the plus side the new horse of Patricia's, Kens well ran really nicely a couple of weeks ago and finished 4th at Wincanton, he will improve with that run and should be out in a few weeks again if all are scoping well by then.

Ken's well Wincanton

Heroes or Ghosts ran a lovely race to finish 2nd at Kempton and has been really fresh since his run, however again if there is something going round the yard we will give him a bit longer before we aim to run him.

Heroes or Ghosts Kempton

I buy John Marriotts flat horses and as of this week all of them (4, one 3 year old and 3 two year olds) have now won! Blacklooks won at Leicester and then ran again at Nottingham this week and the little sod ducked out when he hit the front, the race was his to win. Riva May also won in France for Andrew Hollinshead, she won a fillies claimer and bagged John 12k, which rather puts British racing to shame, again.

I am actually delighted with that achievement and hope that I can continue with the jumpers in the same way - I have already won with Starfoot and Captain flash, heres hoping for Touchy Subject to get healthy and Oscar's leader to come out and keep the side up!

Anyway here's to a new week and things improving and a big thank you to my staff and owners for being so supportive and helpful during a tough time, you guys are brilliant!

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