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All About The Faffer - AKA Mr F

Last week we started racing again beginning with Mr Fitzroy at Taunton, he was running a brilliant race and his jumping was outstanding - until he fell. It was just when the race was about to heat up and James asked him for a long one to keep the lead and Mr F clearly thought that he should go short and didn't get his shoulders out of the way. It was a soft fall and he got up wondering why he wasn't in the winners enclosure, he dragged James back to us and proceeded to bounce around like he had done nothing. Luckily both he and James are absolutely fine,, I was delighted though with how well he was running up until the point of departure!

We took Mr F back up to lambourn last Friday and he showed no ill effects from his fall, in fact his jumping was sharper. I had him entered and declared to run this Tuesday but on Tuesday morning he had some heat and puffiness in his fetlock, was completely sound but Patricia's vet and I decided not to risk him, there is always another day. We scanned and x-rayed the joint today (the puffiness had completely gone!) and he was given the all clear, these things happen for a reason and maybe he just wasn't meant to run at Lingfield. We may declare for Taunton Sunday but I think it is a hotter race and may be a tough ask.

Last Tuesday we ran Marmont at Leicester and he was running a nice race until he came under pressure and couldn't get his little feet out of the glue pot that was Leicester. I was very disappointed with myself for running him, however he had coped with heavy at Fontwell and I hoped that the forecast rain would appear before he ran and loosen the ground up. When it didn't I should have pulled him out, however I suppose that I 100% know now never to run him on tacky ground, he did finish 5th and has come back 100% too.

Thursday we ran Oscar's leader at Warwick and he ran a super race to finish 4th, the first 4 pulled away from the rest of the field, I think he will be a lovely hurdler and we are teaching him to jump accurately this week. Most importantly he came out of the race well and is growing up all the time and will continue to improve.

Oscar Warwick

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