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Where Is The Sun???

I went skiing last week and the conditions were outstanding, we even had a powder day and the snow in the mornings was like January snow, with a few bluebird days, I even got sunburnt so you can imagine how delighted I was to come back here, to the joy of our British weather - soaked to the skin riding out again...

Mr F uttoxeter

On the Saturday we were away we ran Mr F at Uttoxeter and he ran a super race to finish 4th, completely my fault as the trainer, it was too far on ground that was far too holding for him. I am so angry with myself for running him but on the plus side he loved every minute and jumped beautifully, he tried and breathed really well. I hope we can get one more into him before the drought starts - because we all know it won't rain for months once the rain stops. Mr F came out of the race like he hadn't had one, in face we have been bronking round the roads and being a complete loon again!

We arrived back home at 12.30am from holiday on Sunday night/Monday morning, then it was back out on the yard at 6, ride two lots then off to Ludlow with Touchy Subject. I love this horse and have had to keep my nerve with him throughout all of his various ailments, he had bad feet, a virus, a wind op then an infected soft palate and finally we thought we had him right to run. He ran a smashing race and finished 3rd, on ground that was probably too tacky and on a track that would be sharp enough. I don't think we will get 150/1 again... So pleased for John who owns him, it has given us all the chance to dream about when he goes chasing.

Touchy Subject Ludlow

I am in the process of looking for a few new youngsters for next season and have been emailing some studs, looking for some to buy privately. I think we have a few lined up to see, its an exciting time and will be good to have some to focus on.

I am going to be offering new owners a months free assessment of any new horses that they send to the yard. If you know of anyone who may have a horse that is in a big yard and is struggling to get the individual attention that it may need, we would be happy to have it, do a complete assessment with with the vet, chiropractor, physio and dentist to see if a smaller yard and a tailored regime may suit both horse and owner.

Please do pass on our details and anyone who knows me knows that I will be completely honest, I am in the lucky position that I do not need to have horses in that cannot win, it is not worth my while to keep it in the yard. I charge significantly less than most big trainers, with the chance to give horses much more one to one care and finally I am very very lucky to have such great staff who ride beautifully and really do a top job with the care of the horses.

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